Quick Start

To get started, click on the New Work button located in the top-right menu bar, while logged in. Drag-and-drop your audio and/or score in the boxed upload area. You can always add a recording or score later if you don’t have the media on hand.

upload page

Once both audio and score files have been accepted, click on the Submit button to proceed. Do not close your browser window while the files are uploading.

Edit your work’s details, including the videos’ thumbnail and filters so that your video is searchable on our Discover page. Click Save when finished. Next, move on to “Crop Slides” to begin cropping your pages.

upload page

Crop Slides

Select the pages you want to Crop from the left side panel. Adjust the cropping box and click on Crop. Your cropped systems will appear underneath the original full page on the right side panel.

You will notice that the right-side panel includes 3 tabs. Drag-and-drop slides to sort among the following categories: Slides, Notes, and Hidden.
  • Use Slides for pages that you want displayed in your score video.
  • Use Notes for program notes pages.
  • Use Hidden for pages you don’t want displayed. If you cropped a page into systems, you’ll want to hide the original full page.
upload page

When done, click on Editor and let’s start following the score!


Start by selecting your desired slide. We have built 4 different methods to create your score video, so that you can find your preferred workflow.

upload page
  • Method 1 Click the “drop slide” button in the pop-up that appears when the video editor player is in a paused position
  • Method 2 Drag & Drop the slide into the Timeline
  • Method 3 Edit the timestamp manually in the thumbnails in the right-hand column, and
  • Method 4 Use the ENTER key to drop the next slide in real time. This is the most popular method, because it is the fastest way to follow the score.

Go through all the remaining slides of your work. You can always edit the slide positions by adjusting the timeline handles.

upload page

When ready, click on the “Visibility” button and set the work to “Public”

upload page

Congratulations! You are done! The editor will automatically save your progress.


To download your video, navigate back to the Dashboard, locate the piece, and click on the card to take you to the score video player.

upload page
upload page

Click the download button, choose the desired settings, and click Render Video. Once it’s finished rendering, a download button will appear, which will allow you to save it to your Desktop.

upload page

Watch this tutorial video to see it in action.


In your Account page you can update your public composer information and settings, including your personal composer page handle (e.g. scorefol.io/username), upgrade or cancel your subscription, as well as permanently delete your profile and uploaded works from the database.

More Help

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