Wind Ensemble with Percussion

12 min.

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Program Notes
Wind Ensemble with Percussion No. 1 is written in the summer of 2022. The idea for this piece formed after listening to Scriabin’s 5th Sonata. The mystic chord, the circle of fifths and fourths, and the symmetrical scales drew me toward Scriabin’s new form of atonality. Prokofiev and Stravinsky were also significant influences at the time, which can be heard in moments in this piece. layering and chord clusters can be found to create contrasting atmospheres. The structure of Wind Ensemble with Percussion No. 1 is in sonata form without the recapitulation. It begins with an introduction, then moves to theme A, and finally to theme B. Theme A is developed first, and then theme B is developed. The piece ends at the end of theme B’s development. As well as developing melodies, it also focuses on developing different techniques. Glissandi move from piano to glockenspiel, while triplets and quadruplets can be found throughout the piece.