Self-Portrait Between Gravity and Sun

21 min.


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Program Notes
Shine three vertical beams of light, of different colours, down onto the stage in front of the performer in an irregular triangle with legs of approximately five meters. Do not illuminate the performer. Place any microphone near the performer in the dark part of the stage. Set the minimum intensity of the beams to a dim glow still visible to the audience and key their intensity to the amplitude of the three frequencies of the invisible sculpture. In movement VIII, when the sound has become continuous, merge the three beams smoothly by increasing their diameter until they form a single, large, white beam illuminating the performer. Following the score, reduce the intensity of the light gradually as her playing loses energy. Narrow the white beam to illuminate her face, as a ghost, as she holds the final, trembling harmonics of the sculpture. Fade to complete darkness as silence settles. Improvise dynamics and tempo changes according to the notes on the use of silence at the beginning of each movement. Play sul ponticello, sul tasto, or ordinario where left unspecified. When duration lines end with arrows, they continue to the next system. When they end with horizontal lines, the string should be silenced. When they do not end with a marking, they may be allowed to ring. Circles with a slash indicate Bartok pizzicati. Wavy lines indicate vibrato speed, though vibrato may be improvised where left unspecified. Slurs suggest legato phrasing, but phrasing may be improvised based on the notes on silence where left unspecified. All dynamics and rhythms are open to each individual performers interpretations unless specified with a meter.
Recording Notes
This piece was composed using samples cut from an improvisation session with the performer, Miranda Nee, based on a single two note motive by T.W.C. After arranging the samples in a fixed-media sketch, T.W.C. notated the material and re-recorded the piece with Nee before finalising the score with her score annotations. It is a product of an iterative, collaborative cycle of improvisation, fracture, notation, and recomposition to produce a piece of music uniquely reflective of the performer's stylstic intuition. It is a self-portrait of an artist, although whether its subject is the performer or the composer is left as a matter of perspective.
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Miranda Nee

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