11° N 142° E

14 min.





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Program Notes
If you were to look up the coordinates that happen to be the title of thispiece, you may be surprised to find that nothing of note is really happening there. In fact, the coordinates merely place you in the Northern Pacific Ocean, and somewhat deep in the ocean at that. The point of the title of this piece is to describe a specific point of nothingness that just so happens to be on the planet that we live on. While yes, it is a point of nothingness, the music and movements are meant to describe things that happen down underneath the surface level ocean at this point. The first movement shows the start of a sort-of Maidan Voyage that takes the listener through sunrise, until finally settling on a soft major chord of hope. Which is proceeded by a depiction of going deeper into the ocean, from a vertical sense, and discovering the darkness that is housed this deep. The next movement, Coral Reef, depicts the beauty and grandeur of this amazing natural monument that house thousands and thousands of creatures, both big and small. In contrast, the next movement, Hadal, describes the dark Hadal zone of the ocean, which is name after Hades, the god of the underworld... that should set the tone of this movement quite well. Finally, the Epilogue movement caps off the journey in a way that showcases the danger, and loneliness of the deep ocean.