Primavera: Visions of Spring

8 min.


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Recording Notes
Primavera: Visions of Spring is a work that is meant to depict the beauty of springtime through various different things associated with that time of the year. The first movement, Butterfly Fugue, is a fugue inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly which becomes increasingly chaotic as it goes on and becomes more complex rhythmically and harmonically. Movement two, April Shower, represents a calm, afternoon rainstorm which brings the listener into a dream-like state filled with soft clusters, and flowing stacked lines. The third movement, titled Waltz for a Daisy is a waltz inspired by the beautiful springtime daisies that are present throughout this time of year. Finally, the last movement, Spring Night Farewell, acts as a moment for each clarinet player to say goodbye in a touching and intimate way.