Highs and lows

6 min.


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Program Notes
The world is a cycle. We are constantly spinning in circles. Things happen each day- we wake up, eat, drink, eat, sleep, and so on and so forth. Our lives are high and low. This piece is symbolic of that. The ideas become cyclical– crescendoing and decrescendoing. They morph and change in unpredictable yet intuitive ways. Some don’t change at all. The piece sounds until it doesn’t. Noise goes by and it might mean something or nothing. Maybe it will mean something one time and nothing another, or vice versa. No matter what, the piece still exists; noise was still written, performed, recorded, and saved. It’s funny that, while the title has “High” as the first word, there aren’t any high notes till the end. It's like the first thing you experience (the title) starts with High, and the last thing you experience (the sound of the piece) ends with high. The cycle continues. Some cycles I only discovered after composing– talk about intuitive! Everything becomes a cycle if you think too hard, though, so I won’t give myself too much credit.