My Name Is

4 min.

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Program Notes
"My Name Is" draws inspiration from Christopher Knowles' untitled poem, specifically the phrase "My Name Is…." It explores the intricacies of human communication based on personal experiences, including encounters with individuals diagnosed with Autism and neurodivergent conditions, like a close relative with Autism and a pronounced stutter. The piece centers on the concept of stuttering, a complex facet of communication that can be challenging. In a world where effective communication is essential, those with different communication styles may face difficulties. "My Name Is" aims to shed light on this aspect of human expression, conveying the emotions and cadence of the struggle to bridge the gap between thoughts and words. It encourages listeners to reflect on communication's impact and the diverse ways people express themselves, beyond fluency. The composition celebrates the rich tapestry of individuality and resilience in those who navigate the world through their unique rhythms of speech.