a pastoral landscape of windchimes and guitars

9 min.


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Program Notes
I wrote this piece with an image of peaceful windchimes being more agitated as a storm passes through the landscape, upon which they eventually explode into a myriad of guitars. At the climax of the guitars ringing out, I've quoted a small gestural excerpt from John Adams's American Berserk. As the storm subsides and the guitars have all but shattered, bits and pieces of the windchimes can be heard fading away. The piece heavily uses the Lucas number series and the golden ratio in its structure and harmonic development. Pedal markings can be taken with some grain of salt, especially in places where they aren't marked. While it is important for sustain to be present when the pedal is marked to be held down, flutter pedal and other subtle pedalings may be up to the performer. Articulations where pedal is held down refer to the subtle speed in which the key is depressed, rather than the duration of the note. All rolls are standard rolls that start from the bottom. This piece was written for Andrew Anderson.
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Andrew Anderson

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