lo que dejamos atras (teaser version)

3 min.

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My Grandma studied piano at the conservatory in Buenos Aires and my Great Aunt played violin for the Teatro Colón. Their stories inspired me to become a composer — and also reflect my family’s struggles to find a sense of a “home” after moving to America. This struggle is epitomized by what happened to my Great Aunt’s violin. Although it made the journey with my Grandma to New York, my Great Aunt’s violin ended up getting left behind in a closet, during one of my Grandma’s many moves within the city. For me, this story symbolizes the deep, lingering sense I’ve felt that aspects of my Argentine heritage have gotten lost in the shuffle of assimilation. The presented version of "lo que dejamos atras" was written for the Budapest Art Orchestra as a "teaser" or "sizzle reel" for the full piece, on which I'm currently working and which is looking for commissioners.
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Budapest Art Orchestra