reaching towards, reaching from

Pierrot + Percussion
13 min.

Bass Clarinet




Pitched Percussion

Unpitched Percussion


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Program Notes
The general progression of the piece is betrayed by its title in that the music is constantly reaching both towards and from A4, eventually becoming totally consumed by it. The form consists of the strophe, which is expository; the antistrophe, which is reactionary; and the epode, which acts to summarize and juxtapose the two. Each are imbued with non-linear presentations of the particular materials. As it was begun shortly before and finished shortly after the passing of my grandmother, Patti Jo Deegan (9/21/1939-12/6/2022), it is dedicated to her.
Recording Notes
Recorded at The Boston Conservatory on July 15th, 2023 at the inaugural concert of Der Gestanke. Featuring Hannah Elizabeth Tobias - Flutes; Walter Yee - Clarinets; Brian Stuligross - Violin, Viola; Ash Brown - Cello; Wes Fowler - Percussion; Daniel Nerger - Piano; Justin Taveras - Conductor.
Ensemble Name
Der Gestanke

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