Refugee Blues

4 min.



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Refugee Blues is inspired by a W. H. Auden of the same title. Each of the 3 movements alludes to a musical culture, genre or feeling in general. The first movement has bluegrass and various America roots influence, since the Europeans that came here were in a way refugees from England. The second movement is based on an older piece of music that uses quarter tones, retuning 2 strings of the guitar a quarter tone, to make a middle eastern sounding scale. The third movement is a Choro, a Brazilian musical form that I was influenced by when writing this piece. The Auden poem serves as an inspiration for this piece, no direct link except for the title. Yet the first line of the poem is describes the music to my ears perfectly: “Say this city has ten million souls, Some are living in mansions, some are living in holes: Yet there's no place for us, my dear, yet there's no place for us.”
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Warren Nicholson and Mark Whale