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Kinderstück is a multidisciplinary children's book which combines visual art, text, and music. At the heart of Kinderstück is a children's story about loneliness and coping with loss. Presented as a six-part poem, the narrative follows a girl who hates noise but loves her mother's voice. When the girl loses her mother's song, she must find a new way forward. Kinderstück is based on Anton Webern's short piano piece of the same name. As the title implies, Webern's piece was written for children to perform. Sean Harold's Kinderstück deconstructs and re-imagines Webern's composition. Harold's piece is no longer intended for a child to perform. Instead, it's written as if remembered by a child. Half dream-like, half in awe, the new composition reflects a child's love and the unique struggle of being confronted with loss at a young age. Purchase eBook and music at:
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Ondes Martenot performed by Suzanne Farrin Electronics realized by Sean Harold Recorded at Oktaven Studios in Mount Vernon, NY by Ryan Streber Mixed and engineered by Sean Harold
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Suzanne Farrin

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