11 min.

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Program Notes
"Becoming" is a percussion piece inspired by Deleuzian philosophy, exploring the concepts of difference, repetition, and the transformative power of creation. The percussion instruments are divided into three distinct categories: metal, wood, and drums, each representing a unique sonic domain. Through aleatoric techniques, the composition embraces chance and spontaneity, reflecting the interconnectedness of these philosophical ideas and their capacity to engender novel expressions. The first movement, titled "Body without Organs," delves into the essence of each instrument category, unveiling motifs and sonic textures associated with metal, wood, and drums. The performers navigate a sonic landscape, delving into the unique potentials and inherent characteristics of each instrument. In the second movement, "Extending the Line of Flight," the energy gradually intensifies as the performersexchange motifs between instruments, blurring the boundaries between categories. As different instrument categories intermingle and resonate with one another, a sense of synergy and heightened energy permeates the composition. This movement encapsulates the essence of becoming, as the piece transcends the limitations of individual categories, embracing a collective sonic identity that is greater than the sum of its parts. Through these transformative exchanges, "Becoming" embodies the dynamic interplay of musical motifs, instrument categories, and the indomitable spirit of creation itself. Due to the aleatoric elements of this piece, there will be difference between every performance. Though the raw materials (notes, markings, and instrumentation) stay the same, the combination of these materials will constantly change with every repetition. In this sense, even if a particular performance of this piece has elapsed, it will always be in a state of perpetual flux… it will always be becoming.