Shrove Duos, for two treble instruments

6 min.


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Program Notes
First performed by Clio Gould and Jonathan Morton as part of the London Sinfonietta's World Premiere Wednesdays These are duos for any two melody instruments. A Welsh folksong, 'The Pancake Song', recorded in Aberdaron, Caernarvonshire is the inspiration for the first three parts which were premiered together first. I made a detailed transcription of a performance of this song by ‘Williams the Postman’ (b.1899) collected in 1964. At first listen it's a funny little jaunt, a person asking for ingredients for a pancake. But it doesn't take much to sense the humour as darkly comic and illuminating the poverty of the time and place. This resonants with me with the present times of coronavirus. The text is as follows: Woman of the house and good family, Please may I have a pancake? Mother is too poor to buy flour And Father too lazy to work. Please may I have a pancake? My mouth is dry for want of a pancake. If there is no butter in the house Put a large spoonful of treacle, And if there is no treacle in the house Give a terribly large pancake. Terribly, terribly.
Recording Notes
Recorded for the London Sinfonietta's World Premier Wednesdays
Ensemble Name
Clio Gould and Jonathan Morton (London Sinfonietta)

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