10 min.

Bass Clarinet


Pitched Percussion


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Program Notes
Fougère is the name of a family of fragrances, derived from the French word for “fern.” Generally, fougères are known for their sweet, woody scent, containing lavender that gives way to tonka bean and oakmoss as the fragrance lingers on the skin. The form of this piece imitates the evolution of a fougère over time. Scent notes are given throughout the score as a reference: • Bergamot, Citrus • Lavender, Basil • Coumarin, Cardomom • Oakmoss, Vanilla The piece opens up with explosive energy in the upper registers of the instruments. Gradually, the energy dissipates, with the brighter “top” notes giving way to the longer-lasting “base” notes. This is reflected in the descent from the upper registers of the instruments down to the lowest registers, along with the tempo slowing until it is almost entirely still.
Recording Notes
Performed by Brightwork Ensemble Brian Walsh - Bass Clarinet Shalini Vijayan - Violin Nick Terry - Marimba Aron Kallay - Piano Edited, mixed, and mastered by Aron Kallay at Marion Studios.
Ensemble Name
Brightwork Ensemble

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