Megalovania - Toby Fox (Arr. Chris Dorner)

Large Ensemble
4 min.

Alto Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone


Bass Trombone

Electric Bass

Electric Guitar

Electronic Keyboard


Tenor Saxophone



Unpitched Percussion

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Program Notes
In 2008, Toby Fox would release “EarthBound: The Halloween Hack”, a ROM hack for the 1995 Nintendo role-playing videogame (RPG) “EarthBound”, in his creation he wrote a track called, “Megalovania” that would play during the final boss fight. In 2013 Toby Fox would begin independently developing and in 2015 releasing an RPG called “Undertale”, in which he would write an entirely original score except for writing a new arrangement of “Megalovania”, which would also play during a boss fight if a player made a series of choices. In 2019, the track spiraled into meme culture and lingered for months. At the time, I was a freshman in high school, and one of my directors became annoyed with everyone playing the melody to Megalovania, he said “If anyone makes an actual arrangement of it… I’ll consider it”, and so I got to work. While having it played never led to fruition, years later I had the chance to briefly workshop my arrangement and afterward, I decided to make some revisions based on the comments I received. I do not own the original music, all rights remain to their respective composers, arrangers, and performers.
Recording Notes
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