The Shore for SATB Chorus, Harp and Percussion (Chamber Orchestra) MIDI DEMO

Chamber Orchestra
14 min.




Pitched Percussion



Unpitched Percussion

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Program Notes
In November of 2022, I started writing a piece for SATB Chorus, Harp, and Tubular Bells that I intended to be a single movement piece entitled Fields of Remembrance. “Fields” as I’ll call it, ended up becoming the first movement of this piece, The Shore. The whole piece was completed in June of 2023, just about 7 months after its inception. The Shore is a sort of showcase of the ideas associated with the shore, like the sand of the beach and the waves of the ocean etc. but it is also a showcase of emotions in that the whole piece is supposed to be somewhat nostalgic, being reminiscent of the innocence of the past and the serenity and calm that is often associated with the ocean. In some sense, the original title for the first movement, Fields of Remembrance, is a rule of thumb for the whole piece, it is trying to bring to light the memories that have been tucked away for so long.
Recording Notes
This is a MIDI Demo of the piece.
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