My Own Vineyard

6 min.



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“My Own Vineyard” explores the relationship between the body and spirituality / morality. The poetry combines lines from the Song of Songs and poems by Rumi with original text to structure a new narrative. It has four principal sections, each beginning with the words “my own vineyard” as a metaphor for the singer's physical body. In the first, she acknowledges how she has not kept, honored, or protected her body. In the second, she practices self-love and renewal to reclaim her body and reconnect with sacred energy on her own. In the third, she shares a sexual & spiritual experience with a partner. Finally, she experiences a moment of transcendence through and with her body and connects with the divine energy of the universe. This song was written for soprano Mira Huang for the 2020 New Exploratorio (NEO) Voice Festival New Morality Play in Los Angeles, California. It was premiered virtually in July 2020.