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Program Notes
When poetry, the elegy has a tender and sad tone written as a lament for the death of someone dear. Here, as music, albeit without words, it seeks to express the same feeling. Faced with the recent loss of his father, composer Fernando Duarte writes true lamentations in the form of melodies that wander through almost the entire length of the violin and piano. Themes announced by a very expressive violin, while the piano supports it in constant modulation in harmony, are followed by others where the two instruments sometimes in unison, sometimes alternating, but always talking to each other, paint the soundscape that seeks to express in music the pain of loss. Sixths and harmonics on the violin, references to the small melodic cells of the first part in the development, a climax with the violin playing octaves in fortissimo together with a no less aggressive piano, is followed by a melodic conversation with a decreasing dynamic that prepares the return of the second theme, for then the piece to rest in an ending built on the luminous Lydian mode, with an ascending and increasingly serene and peaceful melody, until total rest in a last breath. A reminder that even in the midst of pain, we still have the hope of resurrection.
Recording Notes
Fernando Duarte - piano Maressa Carneiro - Violin

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