Per Lönnqvist - Autumn Colored Winds (2022)

Wind Ensemble
8 min.

Alto Saxophone

Bass Clarinet

Bass Trombone



English Horn






Tenor Saxophone




Unpitched Percussion

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Program Notes
Red, yellow, and brown gently sweep across the lands. A small gust, once unseeable to the naked eye takes the shape of a colored tornado. From the trees more color falls, and from the owers; petals add nuances. The night grows longer, the air gets colder, and the winds get stronger. What once was a small gust grows stronger and multiplies. The tornadoes grow in color and size rushing through the lands, carrying whatever they pick up to new places. About this piece: This piece is inspired by Autumn and the traditional Japanese music "Gagaku" (雅楽), directly translated to "elegant music". Historically Gagaku was used for imperial court music and dances. The artistic form of Gagaku was completed in the Heian period (around the 10th century). There are three forms of Gagaku: Kangen, Bugaku, and Kayō. Depending on the form the ensemble differs. The role of Gagaku is to accompany the rituals and actions of the Emperor and the Imperial family. The music could also be about the Gods; telling their stories, or ceremonial praying for the harvest, etc. The musical structures, instrumentation, and music theory vary depending on what form of Gagaku is being performed. This piece "Autumn Colored Winds" takes inspiration from the Gagaku, both in conceptual ideas and/or musical ideas. While having clear inspiration from the Gagaku music there are many parts where this piece derives from the rules of Gagaku, mixing this traditional Japanese musical language with western musical language; creating an Autumn ritual.
Recording Notes
Performed and recorded autumn of 2022.