N.D. (DEMO w/ Score)

Wind Band
6 min.

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Program Notes
N.D. is an acronym for the words neurodiverse or neurodivergent. Often, neurodivergence is thought of as just autism and ADHD but it is way more than just that; including many more conditions. Often we N.D. people are thought to not fit in with society and live in our own little worlds causing many awkward interactions with the neurotypical world, but the worlds that our brains live in are so colorful and imaginative. N.D. people have a diverse array of ways we view the world in which are often creative and lead to unique innovations in art, music, and science. N.D. is a concert opener that seeks to celebrate the vivid imaginations and more sensitive experiences we neurodiverse people have. I see this as the flip side of my piece Shut Out.
Recording Notes
Noteperformer demo