Rabbit Warren Under Snow

5 min.

Viola da Gamba

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Program Notes
We need each other to survive & thrive. There are no “natural resources,” only other-than-human kin. This notated version of solo viola da gamba improvisations honors Indigenous worldviews & the kin whose bodies form my viola da gamba. White settlers like myself cannot “Save The Planet.” Rather, Indigenous people are best equipped to lead a future based on positive, mutualistic multispecies relationships. This album thinks with the worldview of the Pvlvcekolv community, with whom I am grateful to have a relationship, & seeks to follow their lead. All of “the Americas” are still Indigenous lands. This album was recorded on the traditional, ancestral, & unceded lands of Powhatan, edited, mixed, (& subsequently notated for this edition) in those of the Susquehannock & Piscataway, & mastered on those of the Tsalaguwettyi. But what does sharing this information actually do for these communities? While the Pvlvcekolv community receives a portion of the proceeds, respecting Indigenous sovereignty & enacting environmental justice & #landback require more than an album & some liner notes. So, what to do? Listen to Indigenous people & communities, learn who our kin are & how to relate with them. Divest from megacorporations, make & fix rather than buy & toss, grow food & buy local, rethink “pest control” in our homes & bodies. Band together to effect change, & vote. These are some good ways to start. —Niccolo Seligmann
Recording Notes
Niccolo Seligmann, composer, viola da gamba, mixing, editing Tom Illmensee, recording engineer Mike Monseur, mastering engineer
Record Label
Split Log Productions
Ensemble Name
Niccolo Seligmann

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