Opus 7b

11 min.


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Program Notes
Opus 7a—piccolo, & 7b—sopranino, are different works. They share the same sound-world, but each develops according to its own trajectory. Opus 7 concentrates on the nuances of linear, fast and dense melodic writing, as the soloist weaves different temporal strands into a synergetic whole. Another dimension of Opus 7b is its exploration of the sopranino saxophone’s virtuosic potential. This piece challenges the performer with intricate passages that test the boundaries of speed, control, and expression on an instrument often relegated to the periphery of contemporary music. The sopranino saxophone, with its unique timbre and range, becomes a vessel for innovation, inviting listeners to delve deeper into its expressive capabilities.
Recording Notes
Recorded by Michael S. Smith @ AI Studio Dallas, 2019.
Ensemble Name
Alexander Richards

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