Piano Sonata

100 min.



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performed by Peter de Jager Piano Sonata (2015/16) by Chris Dench http://chrisdench.com Featured Composer #5 Peter de Jager's performance of the work won the APRA AMCOS Art Music Award 2017 for Performance of the Year! This first performance of the definitive version of Chris Dench’s Piano Sonata was presented in concert with composer and performer interview by ABC Classic FM’s New Waves Podcast, 20 July 2017, Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Southbank Centre. The event was recorded by sound engineer Chris Lawson with producer Stephen Adams and assistant producer Jennifer Mills, and is presented here with the permission of ABC Classic FM. Follow the link to listen to the event online or download in the New Waves Podcast - http://www.abc.net.au/classic/new-waves/peter-de-jager-chris-dench-piano-sonata/9263794 Uploaded with permission from Chris Dench, Peter de Jager, ABC Classic FM, and Andrew Bernard (engraver). web : http://www.scorefollower.com

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