Lotofagos 1

13 min.

Double Bass


Strings, bowed


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Program Notes
Performed by Tora Augestad, Uli Fussenegger http://www.klangforum.at/ensemble-detail-en/fussenegger.html http://www.toraaugestad.no/ Lotófagos I by Beat Furrer for soprano and double-bass http://www.beatfurrer.com/ Purchase score & parts here: https://www.baerenreiter.com/en/shop/product/details/BA9353/ Recording Released on: BEAT FURRER: Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Catalogue No.: 0012842KAI / EAN Code: 9120010281419 Purchase recording here: https://www.kairos-music.com/cds/0012842kai Jump to preliminary notes 12:59 This video was uploaded with permission from Beat Furrer, Bärenreiter Verlag, and KAIROS Music.

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