Four `Yume-utsutsu` for Drum set and Piano

15 min.




Unpitched Percussion

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Program Notes
This is a small piece for drum set and piano that I composed for the first year submission of the composition course at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2021. When I think about what classical composition should be like today, I often use "contemporaneity" as a keyword. It is not the avant-garde that aims to break with the past, but the humble and honest acceptance of a "soundscape for the present" that encompasses the past. Kenshi Yonezu playing in the city, Bill Evans playing on my phone, Berlioz leaking from a concert hall... All of them have "contemporaneity," and music from different backgrounds coexist in a frightening way, causing "vertigo" due to the information overload of society, and sometimes even "dreaming. This work borrows from four subjects: "The Dream of the Butterfly," a Chinese legend that asks the question, "Is reality a dream or is a dream reality? ; "Alice in Wonderland", in which she says she wandered into a magical land in a dream; "positive dreams" and "reverse dreams", often seen in dream divination; and "Symphonie fantastique", in which she set to music a hallucination she had when she despaired of love and tried to commit suicide with opium - she crossed various genres in an attempt to approach the space between "dream" and "reality" for modern
Recording Notes
Drum set: Kaoru Tajima Piano: Yuri Yamamoto