Leaving Saint Ignatius for Taylor Street

Wind Band
6 min.

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Program Notes
Leaving Saint Ignatius to Taylor Street is a composition inspired by the walk from inside Saint Ignatius to Taylor Street. This piece interprets the atmosphere from inside Saint Ignatius, through the garden, and onto Taylor. In the beginning, swelling symbolizes the slow walk while chord changes depict the movement from hallway to hallway. The audience enters the garden through polytonal motifs, meanwhile swelling shifts the rhythm between 4/4 and 3/8+3/8+2/8 to represent movement throughout the garden. Finally we end at Taylor Street, which is interpreted as a similar atmosphere to Saint Ignatius. Mallet instruments mimic the trombones’ opening glissando, and the piece ends as it began.
Recording Notes
Trill half-step down unless otherwise stated. Soli unless otherwise stated. Only natural notes are to be played for glissandi on mallet instruments. Duration: 5 minutes