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L' Indifferenza dell' Amore Cosmico

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Program Notes
”L’Indifferenza dell’Amore Cosmico” (”The indifference of Cosmic Love”) develops on two separate levels, a cosmic and a human one, as a dialogue between two physical systems. The cosmic sounds come from high up and are “performed” by cosmic rays through a detector connected to a computer system and appropriate software. The human sounds are performed by the performers and are meant to create a rich contrapuntal opposition to the unpredictable cosmic sounds. Given the nature of the cosmic ray detection the performance is necessarily undetermined and constructed following detailed instructions in the generative score. No two performances will ever be alike.
Recording Notes
Ginevra Petrucci, flauto d'amore; Gleb Kanasevich, clarinet; Marco Buongiorno Nardelli, electronics Live Recording at SITE Santa Fe on May 16, 2022 - world premiere