Stone Age

9 min.


Fixed Media Audio


Strings, bowed

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Program Notes
Stone Age for cello and electronics has been commissioned by Music Current Festival 2022 to be premiered by cellist Ilse de Ziah at Project Arts Centre in Dublin. The performer uses a 3d printed bow designed by the composer with a complex, gripping section and special acoustic and mechanical features related to rasp stick, guiro, washboard, ratchet, cog rattle, or scraper musical instruments. The piece is divided into four main sections; the first section is rather lyrical with glissando and click sounds; the second section mixes an imaginary soundscape with the cello imitating amphibian calls; the next section builds towards a climax with dynamic cello rasping gestures, synthesized and heavily processed electronic sounds, including resampled sounds from Stravinsky's The Firebird. This section leads to the last part, characterized by instrumental resynthesis of doppler effect sounds at a car race. The title refers to the scraper-musical-instrument, its use, and history. A scraper, in music, is a percussion instrument consisting of a serrated surface that is rasped with a stick. Known since the Stone Age, it is often associated with magical powers and rituals, and it is widely distributed geographically.
Recording Notes
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