Go within

8 min.

Tenor Saxophone


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make score videos in your browser @ https://scorefol.io/ support score follower @ https://www.scorefollower.org/support/ performed by Don Paul Kahl Go within by Eleni Ralli (2020) https://donpaulkahl.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY-sDYq4JalodS2fyh2IEnA this work was selected in the Spring 2022 #FollowMyScore call for works uploaded with permission from Eleni Ralli on behalf of Equilibrium Records and Don Paul Kahl "Go Within" Full-Length Album available @ https://donpaulkahl.com/en/merch/go-within-debut-solo-album-don-paul-kahl-alessandro-cervino Equilibrium Records - EQ163 Recorded at Estudio Sacramento (Alicante, Spain) on 12 August 2021 Daniel Saiz, recording engineer 00:00 Go within 07:26 Performance Notes This video is protected by copyright and/or related rights. Viewing and sharing this link is permitted only for non-commercial uses

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