dosie issneun daenamusup

9 min.


Strings, bowed

Unspecified String


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Program Notes
The concept of “dosie issneun daenamusup” (도시에 있는 대나무숲) for sanjo gayageum and clarinet in Bb was taken from the online forums for college students in South Korea called Bamboo Forest (대나무숲). There, its members can express anonymously in a free way without the fear of repression or discrimination. This term comes from a Korean tale called The Heritage of the Three States (삼국유사) and tells the story of Silla kingdom’s leader Kyungmun who had ears like those of a donkey. Kyungmun kept the secret and only talked about it with a friend who was unable to keep the secret and ran away to a bamboo forest where he yelled Kyungmun’s secret in order to feel relief. Just like the bamboo forest in the tale, these online forums became places where young South Koreans can talk freely about certain aspects of their lives. *Winner of the 1st Younghi Pagh-Paan International Composition Prize 2016 *First performance at the Kammermusiksaal of the Berliner Philarmonie on Dec. 12th, 2016
Recording Notes
Kim Daegun, Clarinet Lee Haejung, Gayageum Choi Jin, Recording engineer Recorded at JCC Concert Hall. Seoul, South Korea, 3 -6 Nov. 2020
Ensemble Name
Kim Daegun, Clarinet. Lee Haejung, Gayageum