Black MIDI

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BLACK MIDI [2013] Duo piece for Piano + Dispositive (eccentric rotating mass vibrating motors with respective amplitudes: from 6G to 13G) & MIDI Keyboard. Piano & MIDI Keyboard: Henrique Vaz "In 1947, the composer Conlon Nancarrow—frustrated with human pianists and their limited ability to play his rhythmically complex music—purchased a device which allowed him to punch holes in player piano rolls. This technology allowed him to create incredibly complex musical compositions, unplayable by human hands, which later came to be widely recognized by electronic musicians as an important precursor to their work. A similar interest in seemingly impossible music can be found today in a group of musicians who use MIDI files (which store musical notes and timings, not unlike player piano rolls) to create compositions that feature staggering numbers of notes. They're calling this kind of music "black MIDI," which basically means that when you look at the music in the form of standard notation, it looks like almost solid black" - MICHAEL CONNOR {} This video was posted with permission from Henrique Vaz NON-COMMERCIAL USE posted for divulgation and educational purposes only Please email scorefollower [at] gmail [dot] com if you have a copyright concern regarding the audio or score.

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