Allegory (2022)

10 min.



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Program Notes
An allegory is a literary device of storytelling in which a parable or anecdote is designed to state one thing while subliminally meaning another entirely. Often, an allegory is designed to have a hidden political, philosophical, or social meaning embedded in the facade story. I tried to fill this composition with many ideas and themes, and I am not entirely sure how well the end result was. Looking back on it, there is much that I would change in order to improve it, but it feels like it is time to move on to other projects. However, the point was to tell a story, and I am hoping that the purpose is prevalent. I began writing this piece to perform with my friend at school, but it quickly became a more in-depth project than I had been planning. The pieces that inspired this one was Ravel's Prelude de la nuit from Rhapsodie Espagnole, Satie's Avant Avant-dernières pensées, and Messiaen's Second Prelude. All of them shared a simplicity revolving pattern-based motifs, and I aimed to accomplish the same.
Recording Notes
Recorded digitally by Pianoteq 7 and the Steinway Model D pack. To be performed live by Dr. David Ballena and Dr. Okon Hwang at Eastern Connecticut State University. Date TBD.