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Performed by Bernhard Fograscher aKKORDeONoff by Sascha Lino Lemke For more information: http://www.saschalinolemke.de/ This video was uploaded with permission from Sascha Lino Lemke and Bernhard Fograscher. video edited by Seth Shafer ---- Sascha Lino Lemke (*1976) aKKORDeONoff (2014) for pianist with harmonica, cylinder, light & a/v electronics commissioned by Bernhard Fograscher AKKORDeONoff is part of a series of study-like pieces for musicians and their film-doubles. I am interested in working with the listener’s memory: How can one build new virtual realities out of elements that have already been heard and/or seen? What is real and what is not? Who is dependent on whom? The piece has multiple sources of inspiration: Firstly, a lament on the death of Machaut composed by Magister Franziskus (14th century ars subtilior), the harmonica plays my favorite moment of the piece. Secondly, it happens that the harmonica can refer to a sonata rich in dissonances and similar parallel fifths by D. Scarlatti, the Baroque master of Flamenco, which, thirdly, relates well with Ravel's Gaspard de la nuit. Inspiring to me also, were the traditional rituals of the piano recital, and Leopold Bloom’s journey throughout the many hundreds of pages in Joyce's Ulysses (in particular the cemetery scene). a ... central pitch of the piece. aKKORD ... a fantasy upon a minor chord, or a sequence of four chords, from a lament on Machaut's death written by Magister Franziskus ... „Akkordarbeit“ in German means „piece-rate“ but is also made out of the two words „chord“ and „work“. e ... electrified ... producing virtual acoustic and visual doubles using electricity ... "echt" = real: What is real and what is virtual? The beginnings of deliberate confusion using this labyrinth of a machine of which the pianist becomes a part. aKKORDeON ... the harmonica as the accordion of the poor ... similarities between the sound of (partly transformed) piano resonances and the sound of the accordion ... the natural rocking gesture of playing an accordion. ONoff ... the main gesture of the piece ... perceiving time as a sequence of slowly, stutteringly played frames of a film. SaschaLinoLemke@t-online.de

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