Sax quartet in D, op. 2 "Lydian for Lydia"

Saxophone Quartet
14 min.

Alto Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone

Soprano Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone


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Program Notes
This work tries to capture both the personalities of myself and a very much beloved friend, Lydia, to whom the piece is dedicated. It also embodies the emotions I feel towards this friendship. The first movement represents the depressive aura of a world without her, of a I time in which I still didn't know her or just we couldn't be together (which sadly happens much of the time as we live in different cities). Therefore, it is entitled after my musical signature, as in this movement I am in fact alone. The second movement, named "Lydia and the reunion" should be thought not only as the portrait of this friend of mine, but also as the remembrance of our souls whenever we can be together again. Thus, the work is basically a love song.
Recording Notes
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