Guidelines for submitting opportunities

Non-Discrimination Policy

Opportunities open to all backgrounds—regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, and disability—are given priority, reflecting our commitment to fostering a universally accessible and inclusive environment. We understand the importance of specific opportunities aimed at supporting emerging talents or underrepresented groups within the composing community. We therefore also welcome targeted calls that have a clear, constructive purpose, aiming to strike a balance that enriches the community.

Clear Submission Requirements

Calls should include clear submission requirements, such as the number of works that may be submitted, the length of the works, the instrumentation, eligibility (e.g., nationality restrictions, org membership, etc.), and any other relevant information. Calls must also include a deadline for submissions, a method for submitting works, with a preference for opportunities that accept submissions electronically.

Opportunity Transparency

Calls should clearly outline any compensation or fees associated with the opportunity. This includes detailing the compensation amount and specifying any application fees. Opportunities with application fees deemed excessive by our review team will not be approved. Organizations are expected to disclose the selection process, including timelines for announcing results, and any potential for future opportunities (e.g., performances, recordings, publications) resulting from the call, to foster transparency and manage expectations.