Follow My Score 2023

Call for Scores

We are pleased to announce Follow My Score 2023! FMS23 is an effort to promote and curate many works by living composers. Approximately 80 works will be selected by the Score Follower jury. Selected works will be made into “score videos” by our production team, and uploaded onto our YouTube channels. Submissions are due 15 September. Result notifications will go out by 15 November. Selected works will be uploaded to YouTube sometime between 1 December & 30 May 2024. If you want to make a score video in the meantime, you can build one in your browser now: This is not a commissioning contest.

Terms and Conditions

  • Submissions are due 15 September 2023.
  • Submission is free for the first piece!
  • Each composer may submit up to three works. The works should be submitted by filling out our submission form on this page.
  • Please send a score and media file for each work submitted. Keep in mind that higher quality recordings are preferred.
  • Submissions may come from composers of any age, nationality, background.
  • If your work is selected, we will need you to secure permission for posting on our channel from any publisher, recording company, or performer/ensemble involved in the work. • If you think this will not be possible, please do not submit. We will also ask for the names of performers in order to credit them in the video description. We will not upload your piece if permissions are not able to be secured.
  • Works may be of any duration.
  • Submitted material should not be anonymized.
  • Works must be completed (no works-in-progress).
  • Submissions may include works for instrument(s) and electronics.
  • Large ensemble or works with similarly tall systems display poorly on YouTube’s 16:9 landscape frame, because of this, we prefer you submit chamber or solo works.
  • We also accept works that include visual footage in addition to or in lieu of a score. In the case that such a work is selected, it would be uploaded to our Mediated Scores series.
  • Composers previously featured on our channels may still apply.
  • Members of the score follower team or active jury may not apply.
  • By submitting your work, you agree to allow us to upload your work to our YouTube channels both during and after the call for scores. You also agree to allow us to use your work in promotional materials for the call for scores or as a ' highlight'. You will retain all rights to your work. You may remove your work from consideration as a ' highlight' via your work dashboard at any time.